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HES Lunchroom

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Theresa Alexander
CNP Manager


Tina Money
CNP Bookkeeper




Brianna Singleton

Vanessa Williams

Cynthia Chambers





How to use the Online School Meal Payment & Account Summary System


Go to:                       (Phone App available from Apple, Google Play, Windows Phone Store)

Set-up account by clicking on Sign-Up Today.

-Select State: Alabama

-Select District: Henry County BOE

-Enter Parent’s First Name

-Enter Parent’s Last Name

-Enter Email Address (this will be your username)

-Enter a Password

-Re-Type Password

-Answer two Security Questions

-Check box if you would like to receive updates, news, etc.

-Click Create Account


To add student(s):                                                      

-Click add student                                                       

-Select School student attends

-Enter First Name (if student is a Jr, Enter First Name, Jr)

-Enter Last Name

-Enter Birthdate (do not use student #)

-Click Find Student

-Check box & enter amount id you would like to receive an email/text when the account reaches or falls below the entered amount.

-Click Add Student

-Continue to add students following the same steps until finished.

-Click Finish


Payment Options

-Enter your debit, credit or checking account information (it will be stored for future payments)

-Auto payment – can set an automatic payment that includes the amount and how often you would like it applied to the account.

-Repeat Last Payment – will apply the exact same payment as the last.

-Top Up Balances – it will bring all accounts to a set balance.

-Add Money – Allows you to choose which student(s) and how much money you would like to pay.



-There is a fee of $1.95 per transaction. You can apply money to multiple accounts in one transaction. No minimum amount to pay per transaction. Maximum of $120 per transaction. There is no charge to set-up and view your student(s’) account.     Student(s) can be on multiple accounts.


Home Tab

-Click home to see a list of your student(s).

-Click the student’s name to see specific information about their purchases and payments.

-Click the cafeteria purchases tab to see the list (‘view all’ will show up to 90 days)

-Click my order history to see a list of payments.

-Click Links to access school website.




Cereal, cereal bars, PopTarts, and muffins are available at Breakfast.
Plain and flavored milk is available at all meals.
Fruit is served each day at lunch.
Juice is available in a variety of flavors
Water is available for 75¢
Our menu is subject to change without notice due to availability

Our Menus have been planned to meet new federal regulations including, but not limited to, age groups and portion sizes. Over the course of the week, our menus meet calorie, meat/meat alternate, grain, fruit ranges, and at least if not more of the required vegetable subgroups consisting of dark green, red/orange, legumes, starchy, and other.


           Lunchroom Prices 

         Full      Reduced 
Students Breakfast No charge
No charge
  Lunch  $2.25 40¢
Employees       Breakfast  $1.75  
   Lunch    $2.90  
 Visitors  Child  Breakfast   $2.25  
   Adult Breakfast  $2.25  
   Child  Lunch  $3.50  
   Adult Lunch  $3.50  


*Refer questions or comments about the menu to
Mrs. Donna McCoy
Child Nutrition Program Director
Henry County School System
300 N. Trawick St.
P.O. Box 635
Abbeville, AL  36310
334.585.2206  ext. 1224
334.585.2551 FAX


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