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Head Lice


Anyone can get head lice.  They are passed person-to-person by physical contact or by sharing objects.  It has nothing to do with cleanliness. It is our goal at Headland Elementary to keep all our children healthy while attending school.  If you discover or suspect that your child has head lice, please contact your school nurse, Mrs. Beth Givens, immediately so that she can take measures to keep other children from being infected. If you do not know what to look for, please ask school personnel or the school nurse to show you how to identify nits (eggs) or head lice.  Mrs. Givens has a Parent Information Sheet available with specific information to help you treat the problem.  Following are a few guidelines:

1.  Your child should be treated with a lice-killing product at once.  Shampoo your child's hair with a lice-killing product only.  Your pharmacist can recommend a product that can be purchased without a prescription.  Carefully follow the directions included with the product.  Family members or others living in the home should also be treated if they have lice and/or nits.  Do not use these products on a pregnant woman, nursing mother, or an infant.

2.  Your child cannot attend school until he/she has been treated with a lice-killing product and all nits are removed from the hair.  A fine-toothed comb is helpful in lice/nit removal;  however, many nits will have to be stripped from the hair shaft using your fingers.  Grasp nits between the fingers and slide them off the hair shaft.

3.  Students who are given proper treatment and are louse/nit free are allowed to return to school the next day.  You must bring your child to the school office to be cleared by the school nurse before he/she can ride a school bus or return to class.  No more than 2 days absence from school will be considered excused because of head lice.

Click here to download the Parent Information Sheet.


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